Food Metal Detectors Make Your Packaging Safer

Food and pharmaceutical processing plants use food metal detectors when they turn out quality, safe products. The production line is a fast-moving process, and both ferrous and non-ferrous metal may contaminate a run. As you know, this can be disastrous, with the result of the loss of an entire run of product. It can even shut down your whole operation, not to mention the health hazards if the batch is released without proper inspection. That is why Anritsu has developed the Dual Wave H Contamination Detector.

Food Inspection Equipment

Food inspection equipment must be accurate. To maintain accuracy, it needs to be easy to calibrate, retain calibration, and require little maintenance during typical production line use.

In addition, the units should be easy to clean. Downtime for cleaning and maintenance means less profit for the company. It also increases the chance of error in re-assembly, and the need for specialized technicians and training for maintenance. Anritsu provides its customers with high-quality equipment and expertise that increases your profit margins.

Food Metal Detection

Many food metal detection machines focus on the use of magnets to detect ferrous metals. But, non-ferrous metals can also contaminate the production line. In order to avoid having to use separate machines for your product, you can use the Dual Wave H Contamination Detector. It runs two frequencies so that it can detect both types of metals.

Anritsu is the only company to offer this high-quality level of metal detection. The false-reject rate is almost completely eliminated with their machines, increasing your production time.

A simple touchscreen allows your employees to operate the food metal detectors, allowing for sleeker production line performance.  In addition, the duw-H can be dismantled without any tools, making cleaning much faster. Maintenance of this Anritsu product does not require as much expertise as models by competitors.

Durable Products

The production line can be hard on equipment. Two of the biggest enemies of accuracy and quality are dust and water. Anritsu engineered the duw-H to be waterproof and dustproof. Models are available for most sizes of items produced by the food and pharmaceutical industries, including individual packages, bottles, glass, and plastic. You can even get the duw-H for large items.

The duw-H is three times more sensitive than the standard machine. It is easy to install and requires a minimum of maintenance.

Both the Dual Wave and the Dual Wave High Sensitivity models are water- and dustproof. For more information, call 866-200-5276 or visit our website.

Our XR75 Advanced Long Life Technology Makes Food Inspection Safer

Accuracy and reliability are the two most important factors in food safety. Fortunately, the XR75 Advanced Long Life Technology from Anritsu contains both of these qualities, providing the safest and most efficient way to inspect food products. Setting a new standard for improving product quality and safety, it exceeds the needs of today’s demanding food processing industry through all of the following:

Energy Efficient Scanning

Because Anritsu’s Advanced Long Life Technology is designed to provide heightened sensitivity at reduced energy levels, it decreases true cost of ownership and has an extended life cycle. Other food inspection technology requires high amounts of energy in order to operate and generally breaks down faster.

World-Class Reliability and Accuracy

Including every algorithm you need to inspect food products, the precision-engineered XR75 Advanced Long Life Technology can detect contaminants of all kinds. Additionally, it can identify product shape defects and packaging integrity. Even if the slightest thing is wrong with a particular product, this machine will find it and alert you.

Ease of Maintenance

Dealing with potentially-contaminated food requires a lot of maintenance for a particular machine. However, XR75 Advanced Long Life Technology is designed in such a way that reduces the need for frequent cleaning. When it eventually does need to be cleaned, its plug-and-play boards and easy release conveyer make for quick maintenance.

Upgrade to the most reliable, accurate and energy-efficient food scanning technology on the market. Contact Anritsu to learn more about our XR75 Advanced Long Life Technology. Give us a call or order online to purchase yours today!


Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA is now ANRITSU INFIVIS INC.

With our rapid growth worldwide, our equipment, our technology and our vision for the future extends beyond the old industrial age as indicated by ‘Industrial Solutions’. We are now focusing on Infinite thinking with no boundaries and forward vision to create new ideas, new opportunities and a safer society.

ANRITSU INFIVIS INC. = Leading edge advanced inspection technology focused on envisioning a global society of safe food.

Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA Supports Toys for Tots!

The Holiday season can be a very busy time of the year for most of us. In addition to our normally hectic lives, we have all of the other excitement that the holidays bring.

From the time that we start planning Thanksgiving until the New Year’s celebration ends, it is very easy to get caught up in our own lives.

But, in some households, the Holidays are stressful for other reasons. Many families are faced with challenges that we don’t think about every day. Their children may not be able to experience the excitement of opening presents, or enjoying a special holiday meal.

There are many ways that all of us can help share the joy of the season with those in need. A donation of food, clothing or a toy for a child can add a special memory to the lives of many people. Anritsu is proud to participate in the Toys For Toys program. This foundation was created to provide toys and gifts for underprivileged children.

During this hectic and joyous time, take a moment to share with your Family and Friends the things that you are thankful for, and to remember those that are in need.

Happy Holidays from the Families at Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA

Toys for Tots


Listen To Anritsu’s Interview on!

Anritsu LogoAnritsu attended the Pack and Pharma Expo back in early November.

What a great show it was.  Our company had the opportunity to meet so many great individuals and other businesses. The show took place at the McCormick Place in Chicago and was produced by PMMI.

During the recent Pack and Pharma Expo, Food hosted a live radio program, Food Science Live, and asked Anritsu to contribute a piece for the broadcast. Mr. Rob Tiernay, Director of NA Sales, presented on behalf of Anritsu.

During the interview, Rob discussed the options and things to consider when purchasing technology for contamination detection

Please click the attached link to listen to the program in its entirety.

Detection360: Maximizing Your Anritsu Investment

Anrtisu is known the world-over for designing and manufacturing exceptional food inspection technology that makes production lines safer and more efficient.

Now, with Detection360, we’re taking our craft to the next level…

Detection360 ensures that the investment our customers make in the technology we produce is not only correct, but completely maximized, which means they’re receiving unparalleled service and support from our team of experts.

Detection360 is an innovative process that allows our team of technicians and engineers to have a conversation with our customers’ quality control personnel, which, in turn, will help us elevate our customers’ results immediately as well as in the months, years and decades to come…

Our team works through four phases:

  1. Discovery
  2. Mapping
  3. Integration
  4. and Performance

to help understand a customer’s processes, pitfalls and ultimate vision – all of which will help us optimally apply our technology.

No other company provides better support, technical application or technology than Anritsu – and the Detection360 program was developed to ensure that our experience – in its entirety – can be seamlessly and effectively transferred to our customers after the initial sale.

Call us today for a free consultation and more information on the phases that will help make your quality control program pristine.

QuiCCA: Anritsu’s Newest Quality Control Management Software

Improve efficiency and effectiveness of your quality control system with new QuiCCA software from Anritsu.  QuiCCA is the fully automated quality control and quality management software you need to more productively monitor your manufacturing process.  From past logs to current processes to future problems, the fully automated software works with your food inspection equipment to support all aspects of production.

QuiCCA can be connected to one piece of food safety equipment or multiple pieces of machinery.  By connecting your quality management software to a mail server, you can receive status updates and error messages from your inspection equipment.  With centralized control of the operational status, QuiCCA can even detect abnormalities in production before they occur.  Three different displays allow your quality control manager to evaluate the status of your machinery, including:

  • Statistical Display – View your overall production quality in a brief overview
  • X-Bar Display – View overall trends occurring
  • Histogram Display – View the tendency of your machinery

QuiCCA Software also automatically and chronologically records data that has been received helping you handle customer and client claims more efficiently.  Anritsu is committed to helping you more accurately and reliably trace your operation history for enhanced claim handling.  Always stay accurate with Anritsu’s quality control system, QuiCCA.

Anritsu: Proud Partner of Leclerc Foods

“Our brand in Canada is very strong,” says Jean-Sebastien Leclerc, Director of National Sales for Leclerc Foods. “It’s comparable to Nabisco and Keebler in the United States.”

Of course, Nabisco and Keebler are huge corporations making products that are consumed by thousands, if not millions of people, on a daily basis. At Anritsu, we’re proud to have partnered with a company that operates on a similar level: Leclerc Foods has three manufacturing plants in Canada as well as two in the United States – each of which ranges in size from 200,000 to 350,000 square feet and Leclerc’s manufacturing headquarters, located near Quebec City, is close to 500,000 square feet!

Anritsu plays a pivotal role in the production process of approximately 60,000 cases of granola bars, 50,000 cases of cookies and 20,000 cases of crackers – and that’s just in one day! Of course, all that food needs to be quality tested to ensure that all products are completely free of foreign materials. That’s where Anritsu comes in. Our x-ray inspection systems can be found on every Leclerc production line, keeping consumers happy, safe and carefree day-in and day-out.

We look forward to a long-term partnership with Leclerc where we continue to advance their quality control programs through state-of-the-art food safety equipment and comprehensive customer support.

The Importance of Inspection Systems

When you open a package of meat or use pharmaceutical products, you count on your purchase to be safe and free of contamination. Thanks to the advanced equipment most manufacturers use today, it’s easy to take the quality and safety of food, medicine, and other items produced on assembly lines for granted. But how are these products checked for quality, and how do companies know they’re safe for consumption before sending them off to supermarkets and pharmacies? The answer lies in state-of-the-art food inspection technology.

Equipment for assembly line inspection includes X-Ray inspection systems, metal detectors, and Checkweighers. Together, these three powerful systems check a product’s weight (so you don’t get less or more than advertised) make sure there are no contaminants, and perform additional quality control checks to ensure that an item has the correct size and count.

Anritsu has specialized in electronics since the 1960s, when we produced our first Checkweigher. Since then, we have remained on the cutting-edge of our industry, developing equipment that has helped our clients keep up with the increasing demands of production. Two advantages of Anritsu metal detectors, Checkweighers, and X-Ray inspection systems include:

  • Production Line Speed

Keep your assembly lines going at speeds that help you maintain your profits – a busy workflow poses no challenge to our equipment. Anritsu technology can assist with the checking of hundreds of items per minute.

  • Automatic Rejection of Defective Items

Anritsu products reject defective, improperly bundled, and contaminated items automatically, without slowing down production speed. In addition, the rejecters on our metal detectors, Checkweighers, and X-Ray inspection equipment minimize the waste of materials.


In addition to food and pharmaceutical supplies, Anritsu equipment can also be used to perform quality control checks on:

  • Car and bicycle components
  • Batteries
  • Plastics
  • Skin lotion, soap, and other toiletries
  • Sanitary goods
  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • And many more commonly manufactured items.


Anritsu sells the most advanced inspection systems at competitive prices. Browse our catalog of Checkweighers, metal detectors and X-Ray inspection systems today. Please contact us with all of your questions, and our specialists will help your business find the solution that maximizes your profits and keeps your customers safe and happy.

Anritsu to Attend Interphex 2014 in New York

1563On March 18-20, your top manufacturers of food inspection equipment and pharmaceutical and cosmetic quality control technology at Anritsu will be attending the INTERPHEX 2014 expo in New York. INTERPHEX (International Pharmaceutical Expo) features new biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical equipment, demonstrations, technology and much more from over 650 vendors. Over 12,000 professionals from the pharmaceutical and related industries are expected to attend.

INTERPHEX will feature innovative new products with a wide variety of purposes, all designed to improve the pharmaceutical industry. The expo showcases technology that improves contract research, laboratory testing services, laboratory instrumentation, processing equipment, raw materials and more.

Anritsu’s food checkweighers can be used for quality control in the pharmaceutical industry, and are ideal for the precise weighing and measuring of ingredients. We will be showcasing our state-of-the-art new checkweighers, X-Ray inspection systems, metal detectors and other quality control technology at our booth. Feel free to stop by and speak with one of our experienced representatives and learn how our products can assist in your manufacturing process. To learn more about our advanced pharmaceutical and X-Ray inspection for food, call us today or visit our website for more helpful information.